Solar Panel Cleaning

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Why Get Solar Panels Cleaned?

Solar panel cleaning and maintenance is key in order to protect your investment in renewable energy. Solar panels are a long-term investment in both energy savings and the sustainability of the world's energy production. This means that solar panels must be kept clean and free of corrosive dust and dirt in order to ensure their continued efficiency and productivity. If solar panels are not regularly cleaned, dirt and other foreign bodies are likely to reduce productivity and diminish your return on investment and reduce the positive contribution towards energy sustainability. Dust accumulation can cause hot spots that may damage the photo-voltaic cells permanently.

Ignoring Maintenance Could Affect Panel Warranty

Dirt build up could damage your solar panels and could jeopardize  your warranty. Lack of maintenance could be used to compromise a claim should your solar panels fail or become inefficient. We recommend you have your solar panels cleaned once year in order to keep them working as efficiently as possible and to ensure they are protected from buildup and corrosion. We will provide you with a proof of service for your records to keep with all your other solar panel related paperwork.

Solar Panel Cleaning by the Numbers

Average Upstate NY Home Solar Output /yr 10,044 KW/h
Average Solar Power Production /yr $1,700
Average Production Increase After Cleaning 12% (+$204/yr)
Average Cost of Solar Panel Cleaning Cost $109-$169
Net Savings from Cleaning Solar Panels $35-$95/yr

Although the savings from cleaning your solar panels may only be $35-$95 a year after paying for the service, the fact is that they still should be cleaned. The savings in power production pays for the service and allows you to protect and preserve your investment. Of course the larger your solar panel system is the higher the savings will be and the savings from protecting your panels from hot spot damage is immeasurable. Check out the IDG.TV video below produced with help from Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University about why cleaning solar panels is about more than just energy production.   

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