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You may assume that because I am the owner of a window cleaning company that provides gutter cleaning services, that I would  hope that people would not buy gutter covers for their gutters. The reality is that regardless of what type of gutter cover or helmet you buy you will need to have them cleaned periodically. Some covers will allow you to go longer without a gutter cleaning while others may actually make things  worse. In this article I would like to help our customers be more informed as to what type of gutter covers there are available and what are the disadvantages and advantages of each. And although some gutter covers will allow you to go longer without a gutter cleaning, gutter covers do add to the price of a gutter cleaning when you do have them.

Albany Window CleaningWhen setting up a permanent or temporary lawn sprinkling system, you often take into account what places you want to get the most water. You might take into account which way the water will flow or even what time of the day to turn them on and off. One thing you probably are not thinking about is where your windows are. That’s right. You should know where the closest windows are so you can avoid them. You might be thinking that this is to prevent water from getting into the house. But if your windows are installed correctly and without issues, the water should not get in. The real issue has to do with hard water stains.

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