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Spring Gutter Cleaning?

Spring is a time for renewal. It's a time to get over the dark short days of winter. The white pristine snow has melted away and has left piles of dirt and rocks. Our homes have been closed off for the last three months. The first warm day of the year is almost like a holiday. We open up the windows and let the fresh air in. We start cleaning up the house and might even go outside and start on some yardwork.

As we enjoy the beautiful spring days we take a look at our the house and start to compile a list in our mind. The leaves we didn't get to rake up are in need of raking. The garage is a mess. The deck might need a good pressure washing or even repair. Spring quickly becomes a time to catch up on the housework we neglected over the winter. One task that is often overlooked is gutter cleaning. Leaves, pine cones and twigs collect over the fall and winter and clog the gutters. When you add the snow and ice to the already filled gutters and the gutters can be pulled away from the roofline.

Although you might see the evidence of this damage from the ground, sometimes the damage can be hidden. I personally have experienced how a gutter that looked perfectly attached from the ground can actually be an accident waiting to happen. As I started to inspect a length of gutter I heard a pop at the end of the gutter. It was a gutter screw snapping. This initiated a chain reaction that snapped every screw up to just pass may ladder like a zipper. I happened to catch the hutter before it fell completely off. Fortunately some quick action by my partner Emily prevented the entire gutter from falling. We were able to reattach the gutter to the roof. If this happened just a day earlier the gutter would have most likely been damaged beyond repair. That's not to mention the possible damage to siding, windows and possible injury to the homeowner. Also, replacing a length of gutter can cost as much as $600 per section depending on length.

Whenever we clean out gutters we check for loose or broken screws and brackets in order to ensure the gutter is secure and working properly. And if there are any loose or broken gutter brackets we will fix them or replace them. This service is provided free of charge to our customers. We also check for leaks and can seal leaky joints. We also keep an eye out for damage that might need more in depth repair and inform you of it, you that you can contact a gutter repair specialist to get the problem remedied.

Getting your gutters cleaned in the spring ensures they are ready to handle the unpredictable rain and wind of north east summers.

Spring Gutter Cleaning